"Even to a non bird enthusiast, this book is of immense interest. A large volume of 320 pages, it contains what must be details of every sighting or report of birds on Lundy since Chanter. The book is also very informative generally, with reference to absolutely every aspect of bird watching, bird ringing and reporting that has ever taken place on the island. There is also a chapter on the history of Lundy ornithology, including a section on the earlier unfortunate history of the commercial slaughter of birds on Lundy. It is a masterpiece of completeness. The largest section is, of course, a list of every bird that has ever been seen or reported on Lundy, including a few, like the Great Auk, that were not.

Almost every page has an expertly executed black and white drawing of a bird in its natural environment. the book is also liberally sprinkled with graphs, tables, maps and photographs. The bird drawings by Mike Langman are, however, the crowning glory of this book. While it gives due acknowledgement to all previous books on Lundy birds and lists of birds, going back to the Heavens, this must be the definitive and up to date work on Lundy birds and consequently an essential reference book for everyone.

The card covers have fine illustrations on them; on the front, a painting of the Old Light and a wheatear on a lichen covered wall. The reverse cover has a photograph of a puffin. Written by Tim Davis and Tim Jones and illustrated by Mike Langman, the book was published in 2007 by Harpers Mill Publishing, Berrynarbor, North Devon EX34 9TB and is priced £19.00 [£18.95]. It was published for the Devon Bird Watching and Preservation Society and the Lundy Field Society.” Roger Allen


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