Rose-coloured Starling

Pastor roseus

[Rosy Starling] (pp.242–243)

All new records


New records

12 Sep – A juvenile was seen around the village (S. Barnes, A. Plant, A.M.Taylor et al.). Record accepted by DBRC.

21 & 22 Oct – A juvenile was seen in Millcombe, associating with Fieldfares as well as with Starlings (J. Allen, R.A. Duncan, A.M. Taylor et al.). Record accepted by DBRC.

These constitute the 14th and 15th Lundy records, which have involved a total of at least 19 individuals. The most recent occurrence prior to 2007 was a juvenile on 5 & 6 Sep 2004.


New records

24 Sep to 15 Oct – A juvenile found in Millcombe on 24 Sep (A. Turner) was trapped and ringed on 25th and retrapped on 30th (D. Baggott, C. Dee, J. Griffin, A. Turner et al.) and last seen in the field on 4 Oct. The presence of a second, unringed bird was confirmed on 1 Oct. This bird tended to spend its time around the Village, where it frequently roosted with House Sparrows and Starlings in the farmyard buildings, remaining to at least 13 Oct (T. Davis, J. Diamond, T. Jones et al.). Both birds were seen together on 3 & 4 Oct. The decomposed corpse of the first, ringed bird, was found near Brambles on 15 Oct. Records accepted by DBRC; these constitute the 16th and 17th Lundy records, the last being two juveniles in Sep 2007.


New records

21 Jun – An adult was with Starlings in the vicinity of Quarter Wall and the Brick Field and later on a wall near the Lodge (John & Silvia Buchanan, Duncan Matheson et al).

17 to 24 Aug – A juvenile was around the farmyard (Grant Cozens, Richard Taylor, Tony Taylor et al.). Photo © Richard Taylor.

Records accepted by DBRC; the 18th and 19th for Lundy.



New record

14 Jun – A first-summer bird that had moulted from juvenile plumage into partial breeding plumage was photographed in Pigs’ Paradise gardens and sitting on top of the Church (Rebecca Bates, Robert Foster, Tim Davis, Tim Jones). Record accepted by DBRC; the 20th for Lundy.


New records

1 Jun– A breeding-plumaged adult was in St Helen’s Field, immediately outside Barton Cottages, on 1 Jun (Dean Jones, Tony Taylor).

26 Aug – A juvenile was in Millcombe and in Tillage & St Helen’s Fields on 26 Aug (Richard & Rebecca Taylor, Tony Taylor). Records accepted by DBRC; the 21st and 22nd for Lundy


New records

3 Jun – Two adults (presumed m & f, as one a distinctly brighter, sharper bird) were seen at Quarter Wall (main track gate) at 06.15 hrs. At 08.30 they were flying down St John's Valley and then perched on the Church before dropping down into the Tent Field, where they were still present 09.40–10.00, though by 10.00 the two birds appeared to have split up, with only the (presumed) female seen later in the day, e.g. Tilllage Field pig sty at 18.30 (Tim Davis & Tim Jones).

9 to 29 Jun – One seen initially with Common Starlings near Old Light during the morning of 9th by one of the Manx Shearwater survey team, then by Frances Stuart and Rebecca & Richard Taylor in the afternoon, when it was wheeling around Millcombe. Potentially one of the birds seen on 3rd, but perhaps more likely a new arrival given the exceptional 'invasion' of this species into western Europe during June 2018, this individual remained on the island until 29 Jun.

6 Sep – A juvenile was around the chicken run outside Quarters (Rebecca & Rich Taylor, Tony Taylor et al.)

Records accepted by DBRC.


New record

6 to 21 Oct – A juvenile at the Tillage/Brick Field pigsty, seen briefly on 6th (Ryan Miller), was relocated in the farmyard on 9th, where it remained – focused on the food dispenser in the chicken run! – with forays to the Lambing Shed and Lighthouse Field, often showing at very close range to multiple observers until its last appearance on 21st (Dean Jones). The 26th record for the island. Record accepted by DBRC.


New record – subject to acceptance by DBRC

21 Jun "A superb adult Rose-coloured Starling in Millcombe within a small flock of juvenile Common Starlings first thing. The bird was rather flighty at first, providing only brief views on the wing, before it finally settled upon the Sycamores near Bramble Villas for a brief rest before disappearing towards the Village." (Dean Jones)


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