Red-breasted Flycatcher

Ficedula parva


All new records


Earliest and latest since 2006 (last year covered in full by The Birds of Lundy): Earliest in autumn 1 Oct 2015 (one), Latest in autumn 5 Nov 2009 (one); only one spring record, 31 May 2016.


New records

8 & 10 Oct – A first-winter bird was seen in Millcombe on both dates; apparent plumage differences and the lack of any sighting on 9th (in spite of thorough searching) suggested that two individuals could have been involved (C. Baillie, T. Davis, T. Jones et al.). Record accepted by DBRC.

5 Nov – An adult male in Millcombe. Record accepted by DBRC.


New record

15 Oct – A first-winter bird was trapped, ringed and photographed in Millcombe on 15 Oct (Richard Taylor, Tony Taylor et al.) Record accepted by DBRC. Photo © Richard Taylor.


New records

8 to 10 Oct – One, thought to be a first-winter bird, was in St Helen’s Copse on 8th (Malcolm Shakespeare) with one in Millcombe the following day (John Horton et al.). On 10th two were seen together in Millcombe, feeding above the Casbah in shelter from north-east winds (John Haddaway & John Horton). Records accepted by DBRC.


New record

28 & 29 Oct – One in Millcombe, in the vicinity of the Casbah, (James Diamond et al.).


New record

15 Oct – A first-winter bird was watched at close range in Millcombe in an area between the Casbah, Government House and Millcombe House (Tim Jones et al.). Record accepted by DBRC.


New records

31 May – A female or first-year male in St Helen's Copse (Paul Holt). This is the first spring record since Jun 2003.

1 Oct – One was in Millcombe in the vicinity of the walled gardens and lower slopes of the Ugly (Paul Sterry, Tim Jones).

Records accepted by DBRC.

Red-breasted Flycatcher St Helens Copse 31May2016 Paul HoltRed-breasted Flycatcher, St Helen's Copse,
31 May 2016 © Paul Holt


New records

15 Oct – One in the Terrace Trap willows and later at Quarry Pond (Richard Campey).

28 Oct – One in Millcombe (Andy Jayne).

Records accepted by DBRC.


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