Turdus pilaris


Selected new records


Earliest and latest since 2006 (last year covered in full by The Birds of Lundy): Earliest 6 Oct 2007 (one); Latest 22 May 2016 (three).


Notable autumn-passage count

19 Oct – A strong southward diurnal passage involved at least 1,180 birds; the second-highest count ever recorded on the island (the highest being 1,500 on 4 November 1981). This remains the highest number recorded on the island since publication of The Birds of Lundy.



Ringing recovery: A Fieldfare ringed as a first-year male on Lundy on 21 Oct 2007 (ring no. CW21959) was found freshly dead at Littlehampton, Sussex on 12 Nov 2007 (22 days; 295 km; E 98º).


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