Mistle Thrush

Turdus viscivorus


Selected new records


Earliest and latest dates since 2006 (last year covered in full by The Birds of Lundy): Earliest in spring 18 Feb 2014 (one), Latest in spring 4 Jun 2018 (one); Earliest in autumn 6 Oct 2007 (one); Latest in autumn 23 Nov 2015 (one) – but see also midwinter records below.


Midwinter record

29 Jan – A group of three.

High count in autumn

18 & 19 Oct  – A count of eight remains the highest since publication of The Birds of Lundy.


Midwinter record

26 & 27 Dec – A group of three on 26th and a single bird on 27th had probably moved in response to severe winter weather on the mainland.


Winter record

26 & 28 Feb – One was near the Heinkel wreck on 26th (Louise Cookson & Trevor Dobie/LFS Working Party) and below Benjamin's Chair on 28th (Zoë Barton & Dean Jones).

Late spring/early summer record

4 Jun – One was in the vicinity of the Logan Stone, at the eastern end of Halfway Wall on this unusual date (Tim Davis & Tim Jones).


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