Luscinia megarhynchos

[Common Nightingale] (p.177)

All new records


New record

1 May – One mist-netted and ringed in Millcombe (Colin McShane) was the first occurrence since one was seen in St John's Valley in May 2005.

NB This record was included in the 2010 ringing totals in the 2010 LFS Annual Report but inadvertently omitted from the full systematic list in the Bird Report that year.


New record

25 Aug – A first-year bird was mist-netted and ringed in Millcombe (Tony Taylor). The tenth Nightingale to be ringed on Lundy. Record accepted by Devon Bird Recorder.


New record

20 Apr – One in Millcombe (Dean Jones). Record accepted by DBRC.


New record

28 Apr – One trapped and ringed in Millcombe (Rob Duncan, Dean Jones, David Kightley).

25 Aug – A remarkably confiding individual was at the top of Smelly Gully – in the same area as a Wryneck – and feeding on grass around Millcombe Pond (Dean Jones et al.).

Records accepted by DBRC; only the fifth & sixth Nightingales for Lundy of the 21st century.


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