Certhis familiaris

[Eurasian Treecreeper] (pp.228–229)

All new records


New record

25 Oct – One.


New record

14, 15 & 27 Sep – One.


New records

20 to 28 Oct – Singles present on 17 dates in this period, plus two on 16th.

22 Nov – One.

28 Dec – One.


New record

31 Jan – One. The first for the island during the period Jan–Mar and most likely the same individual seen in Nov & Dec 2010; the first known instance of overwintering on Lundy.


New record

29 May – A female with a brood patch was trapped and ringed on 29 May. There were no records before or after this date and it seems likely that this bird was a wandering individual that had perhaps failed to breed successfully on the mainland.


New record

30 Aug – A juvenile was trapped and ringed in Millcombe. Note: This record was accidentally omitted from the 2013 LFS Annual Report.


New record

20 Sep to 2 Oct – One in Millcombe on four dates 20–27 Sep was trapped and ringed on 27th (Chris Dee, Andy Jayne et al.) but found dead on the Beach Road on 2 Oct.


New records

13 Sep – One on the Terrace on 13 Sep (Dave Chown) and in Millcombe.
1 & 2 Oct – one in Millcombe (trapped and ringed on 1st – John Horton).


New records

17 & 19 Mar – A single bird was present; it was seen in a conifer behind Millcombe House on the latter date.

18 to 30 Sep – A single bird was seen on four dates during this period (Andy Jayne et al.).

10 Oct – Sightings at different times in Millcombe (Andrew Jewels) and Quarter Wall Copse (Kevin Waterfall), could possibly have involved two different individuals.


New record

6 Apr – One was found in Millcombe during the mid afternoon (Zoë Barton & Dean Jones). It was watched until 18:00 hrs "as it busily picked its way through every bit of lichen and bryophyte throughout the valley looking for a meal." It could not be found the next day.


New records

26 Mar – In one of the more unlikely observations of the year, one was feeding amongst rocks at Jenny’s Cove (Andy Jayne).

24 & 25 Sep – One was in Millcombe Wood on 24 & 25 Sep.

8 to 25 Oct – What is considered to have been a different bird was in Millcombe on 8th, remaining until 25th (ringed on 22nd).


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