Turdus iliacus


Selected new records


Earliest and latest since 2006 (last year covered in full by The Birds of Lundy): Earliest 27 Sep 2012 (one); Latest 17 May 2013 (one).


Significant autumn-passage influx

15 to 26 Oct – A significant influx during the second half of Oct included 100 on 15th, 120 on 21st, 350 on 23rd and two huge counts (for Lundy) of 1,500 on 24th and 2,000 on 25th, falling to 600 on 26th, 300 on 27th and 150 on 28th. The all-time maximum for the island was 2,500 on 24 Oct 1974. The count of 2,000 on 25 Oct was matched on 29 Oct 2014 but remains the highest since publication of The Birds of Lundy.


Notable autumn-passage count

16 Nov – A count of 1,200 was one of the larger totals recorded in recent years.


Significant autumn-passage influx

29 Oct – A count of 2,000 matched that of 25 Oct 2012 as the highest since publication of The Birds of Lundy.


Notable autumn-passage count

26 Oct – A count of 1,200 was one of the larger totals recorded in recent years.


High numbers early in the year and impact of the 'Beast from the East'

At the start of the year, unusually high numbers remained on the island from the influxes of the previous autumn and early winter, with maxima of 37 on 5 Jan, 22 on 12 Feb and 25 on 22 Feb. A significant new influx coincided with the severe cold weather of early Mar, with 31 on 3rd, 257 on 4th (scattered across the whole island, though most in Brick, Tillage and St Helen’s  Fields), 52 on 5th, 124 on 6th and 48 on 7th. Numbers were subsequently much lower, with observations on just six dates, including a peak of 11 on 28 Mar, until the last of the spring, a single bird on 4 Apr.



Ringing control: A Redwing ringed as an adult on Lundy on 27 Oct 2006 (ring no. RT24343) was controlled on 18 Oct 2007 at Hamme Sint-Anna, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium (51°06’N, 4°09’E). (356 days; 615 km; E 91°).

Ringing recovery: A Redwing ringed as an adult on Lundy on 29 Oct 2008 (ring no. RF31057) was found dead on 10 Jan 2010 at Furbo, Co. Galway, Ireland (438 days; 385 km; NW 307°). Furbo is right on the Atlantic coast and it is likely that many wintering Redwings headed to westernmost Ireland to seek refuge from the freezing temperatures and heavy snow that affected the UK and much of continental Europe between mid-Dec 2009 and mid-Jan 2010. A satellite image taken on 7 Jan 2010 shows virtually the whole of the UK and eastern Ireland blanketed by snow, with only western Ireland snow free.

Ringing control: A Redwing ringed as a first-year bird on Lundy on 29 Oct 2009 (ring no. RF40556) was controlled on 12 Jun 2012 at Pihlajaniemi, Kerimäki, Mikkeli, Southern Savonia, Finland (958 days; 2,398 km; ENE 60°). The control site is on a lake peninsula in the far SE of Finland, close to the Russian border. Perhaps this bird was already back in its breeding area, but given that spring was cold and late in northern Europe in 2012, it is also possible that it was still migrating, perhaps heading even further east into Russia.


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