Turdus merula

[Common Blackbird] (pp.187–189)

Selected new records


Autumn passage influx

24 Oct to 26 Nov – there was a major influx at the end of Oct, following a period of easterly winds. On 24 Oct, 13 were flushed from the former garden at Stoneycroft, while seven flew out of the nettle bed outside the former lantern room at the base of the Old Light on 25th. Similar numbers could be encountered in any area of sheltered cover, particularly away from the exposed East Side. Maxima rose from 30 on 22nd to 110 on 23rd, peaked at 150 on 25th, but remained at 100 on 28th, before dropping significantly to 20 on 29th, following a change to more favourable weather conditions. However, a further influx resulted in counts of 100 on 6 & 8 Nov, with 55 still present on 16th.


Autumn passage influx

16 to 30 Oct – There was no evidence of any real movement in Sep and though counts occasionally reached double digits in the first half of Oct, it was not until 16
Oct that a noticeable arrival of 45 birds occurred. A further influx at the end of the month brought 40 on 28th, 65 on 29th and an exceptional 200 on 30th.



Ringing recovery: A Blackbird ringed as a first-year female on Lundy on 21 Oct 2007 (ring no. CW21961) was found freshly dead (having hit a window) at Echt-Susteren, Limburg, The Netherlands (51°05’N, 5°53’E) on 10 Jun 2008 (233 days; 736 km; E 91°).

Ringing recovery (on-island): A Blackbird ringed as a juvenile male on Lundy on 12 Sep 2010 (ring no. LB46135) was found deadon Lundy on 27 Sep 2013 – some 1,111 days later.

Ringing control: A Blackbird ringed as a first-year female on 15 Oct 2012 (Stavanger ring no. 7576377) at Søre Merkeskog, on the North Sea island of Utsira, Rogaland, Norway was controlled on Lundy, on 23 Oct 2013 (374 days; 1,086 km; SSW 214°). Given that Utsira, like Lundy, is a small offshore island, it is likely that this individual was ringed during its autumn migration from a breeding area further to the north-east.

Ringing recovery: A Blackbird ringed as an adult female on Lundy on 16 Nov 2013 (ring no. LB46284) was found dead (road casualty) at Getterön, Varberg, Halland, Sweden on 21 Oct 2014 (348 days; 1,283 km; ENE 59°).

Ringing recovery: The ring only of a Blackbird ringed as an adult female on Lundy on 25 Oct 2007 (ring no. LA36779) was found using a metal detector in a Raven nest being used by a Peregrine, at at Cwar yr Hendre, Powys on 18 Dec 2015 (2,976 days; 119 km; NE 53°). It is likely that the bird had been long dead when the ring was found.


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