Black Redstart

Phoenicurus ochruros


Selected new records


Earliest and latest since 2006 (last year covered in full by The Birds of Lundy): Earliest in autumn 3 Oct 2015 (one), Latest in spring 22 Jun 2010 (one).


Winter record

17 Feb – One, adding to the relatively few winter (Dec to Feb) records for Lundy.


Winter record

24 to 28 Dec – One; see comment for Dec 2007.


Winter record

9 Dec – One at the top of Puffin Slope; see comment for Dec 2007.


Late-spring/Early-summer record

17 to 22 Jun – A female was seen at Jenny’s Cove on 17, 21 & 22 Jun. While late spring migrants or wandering failed/non-breeding individuals have occasionally been seen in Jun in previous years, this appears to be the latest on record.


Notable spring-passage counts

5 & 6 Apr – Four on both dates remain the highest spring counts since The Birds of Lundy was published.

Notable autumn-passage counts

25 & 26 Oct – During strong easterly winds, seven were feeding in the shelter and relative warmth of the west sidelands between Shutter Point and Dead Cow Point on 25th. The next day, the all-island count reached 12, which remains the highest total since The Birds of Lundy was published.


Winter record

30 Jan – One; the first winter record since Dec 2009.

Late-spring/Early-summer record

28 May – One at Long Roost (Grant Sherman).


Winter records

27 & 28 Dec – A female on 27th and a male on 28th were the only winter records.


Late-spring/Early-summer record

7 Jun – A female was in Gannets’ Combe; an unusually late date (Tim Jones).


Winter record

18 Dec – One near the Church (Philip & Helen Lymbery).


Winter records

25 Jan to 4 Feb – Single birds were noted on each date, the bird on 27th at Jenny’s Cove.

12 Dec – One.


Winter records

31 Jan – Two female-type birds below Benjamin's Chair (Tim Jones).

15 Feb – One below Benjamin's Chair (Dean Jones).

27 Feb – A first-year male preening below Benjamin's Chair (Dean Jones).

Singing male

9 Apr – A male was singing from the roof of Paradise Row (Dean Jones). No instances of singing males are reported in The Birds of Lundy and this is the first record for the island that we can recall.

Late-spring/Early-summer record

27 May – One at The Battery (Rebecca & Rich Taylor).


Winter records

2 Feb – One at Benjamin's Chair (Tim Jones).


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