Erithacus rubecula

[European Robin] (pp.175–177)

Selected new records


New record set for autumn-passage maximum

14 Oct – A count of 80 was the highest ever made on Lundy (the previous all-time maximum being 75 on 29 Oct 2004).


Notable autumn-passage count

23 Oct – A count of 65; one of the higher totals for the island (see above).


Breeding season

16–20 Apr – Up to six potential breeding territories located, with singing males in Millcombe (three), St Helen’s Combe (one) and Quarter Wall Copse (two).


Notable winter count

30 Dec – A count of 12 was the first double-digit count in winter (Dec to Feb) since publication of The Birds of Lundy and remains the third highest ever.


Notable winter count

27 Jan – A count of 15 was the highest winter (Dec to Feb) count since publication of The Birds of Lundy, following on from high numbers at the end of 2017 and remains the second highest ever recorded (after 20 on 27 Dec 2000).


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