Yellow-browed Warbler

Phylloscopus inornatus


All new records


Correction p. 210, third paragraph, fifth line: 2006 is quoted as one of the years in which Yellow-browed Warbler was recorded on 16 September. Owing to the lack of an adequate supporting description, the logbook entry for one seen on 16 September 2006 was not accepted by LFS/DBRC. It was therefore excluded from the listing on p.211 and the reference on p.210 should also have been deleted.


Earliest and latest since 2006 (last year covered in full by The Birds of Lundy): Earliest 16 Sep 2017 (one); Latest 16 Nov 2013 (one).


New records

8 to 18 Oct – Recorded daily with a record maximum count of at least eight different individuals present on 13th, the highest one-day count ever recorded on Lundy. Birds were seen in Millcombe, St Helen's Copse, Quarter Wall Copse and the willow clump growing in the small quarry between VC Quarry and the Terrace Trap. The eight birds recorded on 13th were all in Millcombe (multiple observers including C. Baillie, T. Bedford, R. Campey, A.L. Cooper, S.L. Cooper, T. Davis, J. Diamond, T. Jones, I. Lakin, J.W. Leonard, R.M Patient and K. Rylands). Records accepted by DBRC. 2007 was the fifth consecutive autumn for this species on Lundy.


New records

28 Sep to 29 Oct – Another very good year; recorded on 14 days, with a maximum of at least five and probably up to eight present on 17 Oct. Ten different birds were trapped and ringed during the autumn and it is likely that at least 20 different individuals passed through the island. As usual, most were seen in Millcombe/St John's Valley, but others were near Gannets' Combe, along the Terrace/Quarries and in St Helen's Combe. These records, contributed by many observers, have been accepted by DBRC. 2008 was the sixth consecutive autumn for this species on Lundy.


New records

19 Sep to 30 Oct – At least nine (and possibly up to 12) different individuals occurred: one in Millcombe, 19 Sep (I. Lakin); one in Millcombe, 2 Oct (T. Jones et al.); one trapped and ringed in Millcombe, 13 Oct (T. Ball); one trapped and ringed below Brambles, 15 Oct (T. Ball), with perhaps the same bird seen on 16 Oct (J. Leonard); one trapped and ringed in Millcombe, 18 Oct (R. Taylor, A.M. Taylor); one on the Terrace early morning of 23 Oct (C. Baillie), with what was presumed to be the same bird trapped and ringed in Millcombe that afternoon (A.M. Taylor); one ringed in Millcombe 2pm on 26 Oct (R. Duncan, R. Taylor et al.), with another unringed bird seen on the Terrace mid-afternoon that day (A. Jayne); one in Millcombe on 27 Oct may have been the individual ringed on 26th (R. Bower); one ringed in lower St John’s Valley on 30 Oct (R. Duncan, T. Palmer, A.M. Taylor). Records acccepted by Devon Bird Recorder.


New records

2 to 22 Oct – Singles in Millcombe 2, 3 & 5 Oct (T. Jones et al.). Two caught, ringed and photographed in Millcombe on 12 Oct (T. Ball et al.). One seen on the Terrace on 18 Oct. One trapped, ringed and photographed in Millcombe on 22 Oct (Tony Taylor et al.). Records accepted by Devon Bird Recorder.


New records

3 to 31 Oct – One in St. Helen’s Copse on 3 Oct. One in St. Helen’s Copse and another in Millcombe on 4 Oct. One in Millcombe on 8 Oct. (All above records T. Bedford, R. Campey, T. Davis, J. Diamond and T. Jones). One on the Terrace on 12 Oct (J. Sanders). One trapped and ringed in Millcombe on 15 Oct (T. Ball et al.). One in bracken above Quarter Wall Copse on 21 Oct (L. Phillips, A. Watts). One in Millcombe on 30 & 31 Oct (A. Jayne). Records accepted by Devon Bird Recorder.


New records

26 Sep to 14 Oct – One trapped, ringed and photographed, Millcombe, 26 Sep (Derek Baggott, Andy Turner). On 7 Oct, one trapped, ringed and photographed, Millcombe (Tim Ball et al.) and one at North Light (around the solar panels) (Arfon Williams). Three all morning in St Helen’s Copse, with one briefly in Millcombe on 12 Oct (Ivan Lakin & Kevin Rylands). Five trapped and ringed, four of which were photographed, Millcombe, 14 Oct (Tony Taylor et al.) – the highest number ever ringed in one day on Lundy. Records accepted by Devon Bird Recorder.

Photo: Yellow-browed Warbler trapped in Millcombe, 14 Oct 2012 © Richard Taylor


New records

15 Oct to 16 Nov – During the latter part of Oct, singles were recorded as follows: Millcombe on 15th (M. Davis); Quarter Wall Copse on 23rd (Richard Campey); upper Millcombe and by the main track at Quarter Wall on 25th (Tom Bedford, James Diamond); and Millcombe on 28th (Tim Davis). One, mist-netted in Millcombe, was ringed on 16 Nov (Richard & Rebecca Taylor), the latest date this species has ever been recorded on the island. Records accepted by Devon Bird Recorder.


New records

21 Sep to 30 Oct – Singles were in Millcombe on 21 Sep (Andy Jayne) and in the clump of willows next to the Terrace Heligoland Trap on 25 Sep (Kathy Evans). One in St Helen’s Copse on 5 Oct seems likely to have been the bird trapped and ringed in Millcombe the following day (Luke Philips, Tony John & Tony Taylor). One was in Millcombe on 28 Oct (James Diamond et al.), with a second bird on the Terrace (Chris Baillie). Five in Millcombe on 29 Oct, of which three were trapped and ringed (Rob Duncan et al.). One of the ringed birds was still present in Millcombe on 30th (Justin Zantboer). Records accepted by DBRC. Photo below of bird trapped in Millcombe on 6 Oct 2014 © Tony Taylor.

Photo: Yellow-browed Warbler trapped in Millcombe, 6 Oct 2014 © Tony Taylor.


New records

17 Sep to 16 Oct – Single birds were in St Helen’s Copse at 11.00 hrs and in the willow clumps next to the Terrace Trap and south of the Quarry Beach cable-way between 12.30 and 14.00 hrs on 17 Sep (Dave Chown, Tim Jones). It is unclear whether one or two birds were involved. Two were feeding with crests and Coal Tits in upper Millcombe on 10 Oct (James Diamond, Tim Jones, Ivan Lakin et al.). One was in the sycamores above the gas store in lower Millcombe during the early morning of 15 Oct, with two in upper Millcombe during the evening of the same day (James Diamond, Tim Jones et al.). One was again around the gas store on 16 Oct (many observers). Records accepted by Devon Bird Recorder.


New records

9 Oct to 4 Nov – Two were in Millcombe on 9 & 10 Oct, and there were two in St Helen’s Copse and one at Quarter Wall Copse on 10th (D. Evans et al.), followed by singles in Millcombe on 15th (Andrew Jewels) and 21st (Chris Baillie). Four were trapped and ringed in Millcombe on 25 Oct (Rob Duncan, Justin Zantboer et al.), whilst two new (unringed) birds were in Millcombe on 28th, one of which was trapped and ringed (Rob Duncan, Justin Zantboer et al.). One unringed bird was in Millcombe on 29th (Chris Baillie) and finally, one was in lower Millcombe on 3 & 4 Nov (Richard Campey, James Diamond). Records accepted by Devon Bird Recorder.


New records

16 Sep to 2 Nov – There were records on 10 dates, involving at least 10 individuals; details below:

One calling from St Helen’s Copse on 16 Sep (Nik Ward); one in Millcombe on 25 Sep (Chris Dee); one in Smelly Gully on 7 & 8 Oct (Tim Davis, Dean Jones); a different bird along the Upper East Side Path above St Helen’s Copse on 8 Oct (Tim Davis, Tim Jones); one at Quarry Pond on 12 Oct (Chris Baillie, Julian Bowden et al.); one near the stonecrusher on 18 Oct (Chris & Carol Baillie); three trapped and ringed on 26 Oct (Rob Duncan, Justin Zantboer et al.); an unringed bird near the stonecrusher on 30 Oct (Andy Jayne); one in the same area on 1 Nov (Paul Holt); and one feeding near Brambles on 2 Nov (Mike Beck). Records accepted by Devon Bird Recorder.


New records

4 to 26 Oct – Records on 14 dates, probably involving 15 or more individuals, with a maximum of four on 24th; details below:

Two on 4th, one in Millcombe and one in bracken along the East Side Path below Halfway Wall (Tim Davis & Tim Jones); one on 5th in Millcombe, presumed the same as on 4th (Tim Jones); two on 11th, one in Millcombe (Smelly Gully) and one on the Terrace (Dean Jones); one on 15th in Millcombe (Andy Bell, Richard Campey & Malcolm Davies); three on 16th, two in Millcombe and one along the Terrace (Richard Campey & Malcolm Davies); one on 17th in Millcombe (Richard Campey & Malcolm Davies); one on 19th in St Helen’s Copse (Dean Jones); singles on 20th, 21st & 22nd in Millcombe (Andy Jayne); four on 24th in Millcombe, of which three trapped and ringed (Justin Zantboer et al.), and two in Quarter Wall Copse (Paul Holt); two on 25th in Millcombe (Paul Holt, Justin Zantboer et al.); and one on 26th in Millcombe (Paul Holt).

Records accepted by Devon Bird Recorder.


First spring record for Lundy

20 Apr – One feeding in sycamores in upper Millcombe (Andy Trout et al.) constitutes the first spring record for Lundy.

New autumn records

10 to 23 Oct – Recorded on eight dates, with a maximum of five (all in Millcombe) on 15th (Tim Davis, James Diamond et al.). All other dates involved ones and twos. The only birds away from Millcombe were singles between the Terrace Trap willows and the Timekeeper’s Hut on 19th and at Quarter Wall Copse on 23rd. As ever the total number of individuals is difficult to assess, but there were at least ten.

Records accepted by Devon Bird Recorder.


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