Dartford Warbler

Sylvia undata


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New record

22 Apr – A male seen in St John's Valley constitutes the 7th record for Lundy (the last was in October 2005) and the 3rd in spring (the others were in March 1963 and April 1988).


New record

16 Oct – A male, thought probably a first-winter bird, was watched at close range as it worked its way slowly east through scattered gorse bushes near Quarter Wall gate (James Diamond et al.). It was found when visiting birdwatchers were scouring the island looking for the Great Grey Shrike that had been seen briefly that morning. This is the 8th record for Lundy, five of which have been in autumn.


New record

2 Nov – A male near Brambles on 2 Nov (Paul Holt) was the 9th record for Lundy, six of which have now been in autumn.


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