Lesser Whitethroat

Sylvia curruca


Selected new records


Earliest and latest since 2006 (last year covered in full by The Birds of Lundy): Earliest 17 Apr 2011 (one); Latest 3 Nov 2009 (one).


Late bird in autumn

1 Nov – One in Millcombe was one of the latest recorded on Lundy in autumn (the latest ever being 19 Nov 1954).


Late bird in autumn

3 Nov – One a little later still.


Singing male – presumed passage migrant

2 & 3 Jun – A singing male along the East Side was presumably a late migrant as there was no further evidence of territory holding (Lesser Whitethroats were confirmed as having bred successfully in 2002).


Potential 'Siberian' Lesser Whitethroat

30 Oct – One trapped and ringed in Millcombe showed characters of ‘Siberian' Lesser Whitethroat S. c. blythi (based on wing formula and pattern of white in the tail feathers). Feather samples were taken and sent for DNA analysis to confirm the preliminary identification from examination in the hand (Rob Duncan et al.).



Ringing control: A Lesser Whitethroat ringed as a first-year bird at Kilpaison Marsh, Rhoscrowther, Pembrokeshire on 30 Aug 2018 (ring no. AAC9100) was controlled on Lundy on 23 Apr 2019 (236 days; 62 km; SSE 155º).

This is the first ringing movement of a Lesser Whitethroat involving Lundy.


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