Barred Warbler

Sylvia nisoria


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Clarification At least 25 different individuals occurred during the period 1947 to 2006 (first record in this period 1949, last in 2005).


New record

12 Sep – A first-winter bird trapped in St John's Valley (D. Kightley, A. Plant, A.M. Taylor et al.) was the 11th Barred Warbler to be ringed on the island and constituted the fifth Lundy occurrence since 2000. Record accepted by DBRC.

Barred-Warbler-12-Sep-2007-Adrian-PlantBarred Warbler, Millcombe, 12 Sep 2007
© Adrian Plant


New record

2 Oct – One was seen briefly on the Terrace (Richard Campey). Record accepted by DBRC.


New record

15 Oct – A first-winter bird was in Millcombe (Chris & Carol Baillie, Richard Campey et al.). Record accepted by DBRC.


New records

10 Sep – A first-winter bird seen briefly in Millcombe on 10 Sep (Nik Ward).

17 Oct – Another first-winter bird feeding in willow and blackberry scrub by the Terrace Trap on 17 Oct (James Diamond et al.)

Records accepted by DBRC.


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