Red-rumped Swallow

Cecropis daurica


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New record

19 May – One along the East Side (M. Clements). This constitutes the eighth Lundy record and the fourth in spring. Record accepted by DBRC.


New record

3 May – While bird ringers were mist-netting migrant ‘common’ or Barn Swallows, a Red-rumped Swallow appeared and perched (appropriately enough) on bramble bushes along the main track outside Brambles, allowing many photos to be taken. The bird departed, as suddenly as it had arrived, with a passing group of Barn Swallows (Dave Clifton, Derren Fox, Scott Petrek et al.). Record accepted by DBRC – the ninth Lundy record and the fifth in spring.

Red-rumped Swallow, Brambles, 3 May 2012
© Derren Fox


New record

27 May to 2 Jun – One was over Quarry Beach and later over Millcombe (Charles Crundwell, Chris Townend) on 27 May and over the Village on 28 May (Richard Taylor). What was presumed to be the same bird was seen near South Light on 2 Jun (Tony Taylor), then feeding below the Castle at 11.10 hrs and at Quarter Wall Copse at 13.10 hrs on 3 Jun (Dean Jones, Chris Townend). These sightings constitute the 10th record for Lundy (the last in May 2012) and the sixth in spring. Record accepted by DBRC.


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