Short-toed Lark

Calandrella brachydactyla

[Greater Short-toed Lark] (p.155)

All new records


New record

19 May – One along the main track at the North End, between John O’Groats and the head of Gannets’ Combe (T.J. Davis, J.R. Diamond, T.A. Jones et al.). Record accepted by DBRC; the 17th occurrence on Lundy.


New records

8 May – One in the open area immediately seaward of Quarry Cottages was seen well but flew down over the sidelands and out of sight when disturbed by a Wheatear (Ian Searle).

1 Jun to 6 Jul – Two feeding together on the main track at Halfway Wall on the evening of 1 Jun (Chris & Carol Baillie) were seen the following day by many observers and both remained in the same area until 12 Jun; this is the first time that two have occurred together on the island. Thereafter, only one was seen, on 13, 14, 27 & 29 Jun and 6 Jul (many observers; photographed by Paul & Mike Hopes on 6 Jul).

12 & 13 Sep – One in the stonecrusher area of the Tent Field on 12 & 13 Sep (Richard Taylor & Tony Taylor; photographed on 12th by Michaela Cozens) seems likely to have been different from the summer individuals (and treated by DBRC as such), though indications are that the bird was in active moult, which would lend weight to the possibility that one had remained undetected on the island for two months.

Records accepted by DBRC; the 18th to 20th occurrences on the island.


New record

23 Oct – One near Quarter Wall (Richard Campey). Record accepted by DBRC; the 21st for Lundy.


New record

18 May – One was seen and photographed near Quarter Wall during the Devon Birds day trip (Phil Abbott, Jon Turner et al.). Record accepted by DBRC; the 22nd for Lundy. Photo © Phil Abbott.



New record – subject to acceptance by DBRC

13 May – One on track along the West Side approximately 100 m south of the Old Light at 15.20 hrs, then on the track near the stonecrusher at 17.35 hrs. On the latter occasion it flew to the corner of Lighthouse Field nearest the Cemetery. It was seen – and photographed – for a final time at 19.25 hrs (Sam Bosanquet).


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