Cetti’s Warbler

Cettia cetti

(p. 195)

Selected new records


New record

22 Oct – One seen by the Terrace Trap (A. Jayne) was later trapped, ringed and photographed (R. Taylor). This is only the third occurrence of this species on Lundy following singles in 2003 and 2006, both also in the second half of Oct.

Cettis Warbler 2009 RichardTaylor copyCettis Warbler, Terrace, 22 Oct 2009
© RichardTaylor


New record

17 Oct – One seen briefly in Millcombe (Richard Campey). The fourth for Lundy.


New record

14 Oct to 17 Nov – One in dense vegetation on the bund of Millcombe Pond on 14 Oct (Andy Jayne & Tim Jones) was seen briefly in the willow clump in St John’s Valley the following day (James Diamond et al.). Presumably the same bird was back at Millcombe Pond on 1 Nov (Chris Baillie), at the head of St Helen’s stream, where it reaches the Upper East Side Path, on 16 Nov and again at Millcombe Pond on 17th (Dean Jones). The fifth record for the island.


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