Paddyfield Warbler

Acrocephalus agricola

(no entry in The Birds of Lundy)

Species added to the Lundy List since Birds of Lundy was published in 2007

British vagrant. Breeds eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia and China; winters South Asia. 83 British records to the end of 2011. Not previously recorded on Lundy or in Devon.

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First for Lundy

29 Oct – One was watched at close range along the East Side, just north of St Helen's Combe (J. Smith, A. Jayne, R.A. Duncan, T. Palmer, R.J. Taylor). An excellent set of photographs and video clips was taken and the bird was trapped and ringed, when it was aged as an adult. Record accepted by BBRC, constituting the first for Lundy and Devon.

Paddyfield Warbler, 29 Oct 2008
© John Smith


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