Melodious Warbler

Hippolais polyglotta


All new records


New record

4 Sep – One seen on the Terrace (A.M. Taylor, R. Taylor). Record accepted by DBRC; the 31st year in which this species has been recorded, but the first since Aug 2005.


New records

10 to 13 Sep – One first seen on the southern side of Millcombe, below Millcombe House, on 10 Sep was trapped and ringed on 13th (Richard Taylor, Tony Taylor).

20 & 21 Sep – A second bird, first seen in upper Millcombe, below Government House, on 20 Sep (Andy Jayne) was trapped and ringed on 21st and was seen again in Millcombe on 22nd (Chris Dee et al.). Records accepted by DBRC.

Melodious Warbler, Millcombe, 21 Sep 2012 © Andy Jayne


New record

5 Oct – One was watched for about 10 minutes from the Terrace and Lower East Side Path (Tim Davis & Tim Jones). Initially perched on the willows near the Terrace Heligoland Trap, the bird worked its way along and up the sidelands towards Quarry Cottages, before diving back down towards the Terrace, where it could not be relocated. Record accepted by DBRC.


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