Booted Warbler

Iduna caligata

(no entry in The Birds of Lundy)

Species added to the Lundy List since Birds of Lundy was published in 2007

British vagrant. Breeds across central Eurasia, especially Russia, migrating to winter mainly in South Asia. 128 British records to the end of 2011.

All new records


First for Lundy

1 Oct – One, mist-netted in Millcombe, was ringed and photographed (John Haddaway & John Horton); a long overdue first occurrence of this species on Lundy. Record accepted by BBRC.

Booted Warbler trapped in Millcombe, 1 Oct 2013
© John Horton


Report assessed as not proven

28 Sep – Details of one in the rushes around Pondsbury were submitted to BBRC, but the Committee determined the record as ‘not proven’.


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