Wood Warbler

Phylloscopus sibilatrix


All new records


Earliest and latest since 2006 (last year covered in full by The Birds of Lundy): Earliest 16 Apr 2011 (one); Latest 17 Sep 2009 (one).


New records

26 Ap to 6 May – Singles on seven dates; not recorded in autumn.


New records

2 to 17 May – Records on five dates, with two birds present on 3rd & 17th.

14 Sep – One; the only autumn-passage record.

1 Jul – One reported in the LFS logbook, but no details were provided. While the species itself is not rare on Lundy, this would constitute the earliest ‘autumn’ sighting by more than a fortnight. There is a risk that less experienced observers might confuse juvenile (typically very yellow) Willow Warblers, which begin moving through Lundy in July, for this species.


New records

26 Apr to 13 May – Singles on 26 & 27 Apr and 13 May.

17 Sep – One; the only autumn-passage record.


New records

5 to 11 May – Singles on 5th, 6th & 11th; not recorded in autumn.


New records

16 Apr & 7 May – Singles on both dates; the latter a singing bird.

27 Jul & 7 Aug – Singles were reported on both dates, though in the absence of further details, possible confusion with juvenile Willow Warblers cannot be excluded.


New records

5 to 20 May – Recorded on six dates: singles on 5th & 7th, two in Millcombe on 6th, and further singles on 18th to 20th, inclusive. Not recorded in autumn.


Not recorded; the first 'blank' year since 1970

Not recorded during either spring or autumn passage. Though always a scarce migrant on Lundy, 2013 marks the first year since 1970 that Wood Warblers were not recorded at all. This is hopefully just a blip and could reflect gaps in observer coverage at key times. However, it may also reflect the species’ parlous conservation status; the UK breeding population declined by 65% between 1995 and 2010.


New record

25 Apr – One feeding in sallows by the Terrace Heligoland Trap (Richard Campey) was the only record for the year.


New records

May & Sep – A slightly better showing after two very poor years, comprising single spring migrants on three dates in mid-May, followed in autumn by one on 14 & 16 Sep, with two present on 15 Sep (Dave Chown, Tim Davis et al.).


New record

8 May – A single bird during the annual Devon Birds day-trip (Richard Swinbank), was the only record for the year.


New records

13 Apr to 8 May – Singles on 13 & 30 Apr and 8 May were the only records for the year.


New record

3 May – A singing male in Millcombe (Rob Duncan).

5 Sep – One in Millcombe on 5 Sep (Josh Harris).


New record

Apr/May – A male singing in Millcombe on 29 Apr (Dean Jones) and one trapped and ringed in Millcombe on 7 May (Rob Duncan & David Kightley).

There were no autumn records.


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